Commercial Dump Truck Insurance

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Are you looking for dump truck insurance?

Finding the right dump truck insurance coverage can be difficult. As many motor carrier businesses with dump trucks know, truck insurance companies can be difficult to work with and can even deny coverage. Milepost provides insurance that dump truck business owners can rely on. We provide the best commercial truck insurance options for businesses and owner-operators.

Customized coverage for your dump truck

Dump trucks can be used in a wide variety of industries and projects. This requires them to have different types of operational categories. These categories are broken down by carrying capacity. The three carrying capacities are light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. This requires insurance companies to provide different options. For example, light-duty dump trucks will have different coverage requirements than heavy-duty dump truck insurance policies.

We cover dump trucks used in these businesses:

  • Sand & gravel haulers
  • Aggregate haulers
  • Dirt haulers
  • Land grading contractors
  • Farms
  • And More!

What is dump truck insurance?

Dump trucks are large vehicles used for transporting materials primarily for construction purposes. These materials may be gravel, dirt, and waste from construction and demolition projects. Oftentimes, dump trucks have an open-box bed with the ability to tilt. The tilting ability, or dumping, is where the name comes from. Dump truck insurance is a commercial auto insurance policy covering the risks and liabilities associated with dump truck operations.

We take care of your dump truck motor carrier filings

During the insurance process, federal and state agencies require specific filings. Milepost helps customers with their dump truck auto insurance filings and makes the process easy. In addition to making the process easy, we ensure the filings are accurate and taken care of.

Available filings include:

  • Federal filings BMC-91 and BMC-91X
  • MCS-90 endorsement
  • State Form E filings

Learn more about filings or give us a call and one of our friendly Insurance Advisors will be happy to assist you with your filings questions.

What kind of insurance do I need for a dump truck?

Different states have their own liability insurance requirements based on specific categories. Depending on your vehicle and the particular category it falls under, we can help select the most appropriate coverage for your dump truck.

Common coverages for dump trucks:

  • Auto liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage
  • Physical damage insurance for collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Motor truck cargo insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Uninsured motorist coverage to protect against drivers without insurance
  • Medical coverage to cover the costs of any medical payments incurred by truck drivers and passengers

View our full list of coverages to see what else we can offer based on your individual requirements.

How much does dump truck insurance cost?

The cost of dump truck insurance is made up of several factors. Each truck insurance factor can either increase or decrease the price of coverage. Milepost works to take these factors into account and provide the most cost-effective coverage options.

Some things that affect the cost of dump truck insurance are:

  • Driving record and history
  • Types of dump truck cargo
  • Ownership of the vehicle
  • Coverage required
  • USDOT authority
  • Dump truck operations across or within state lines
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